Aging-in-Place (AIP)

Aging-in-Place allows you to stay in your current home, which can give you the comfort of familiar surroundings. There are both pros and cons to consider when evaluating if AIP is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Pros of Aging-in-Place

The primary Pro of AIP is that your home can be remodeled with “aging in place” home modifications, allowing you to age in your home in a safe environment. While this can sound ideal, you must consider the cost of home care, the cost of home modifications, and limited socialization, which are all necessary to aging well. What’s more, you will need to consider limited mobility when you should no longer drive, resulting in poor eating habits because you cannot drive to grocery store. Limited mobility also affects your ability to get to doctors’ appointments easily, which becomes a priority as we age.

Cons of Aging-in-Place

Negative points to consider if you choose to age in your current home:

  • Stairs are very dangerous – #1 cause to move to nursing home.
  • Home has wasted/unused space – unnecessary high utility bills.
  • Upcoming maintenance projects – new roof, exterior painting, HVAC.
  • Lawn care – ongoing expense, requires regular watering, plant replacement.
  • Personal health issues – can change overnight, expensive cost of home care.
  • Driving challenges – hazardous to you/others, necessary errands, i.e. food.
  • Loneliness & isolation – to age well you must socialize with others

Obviously, based on comments above, Alabama Mature Move recommends moving to a smaller AIP modified home or retirement community because our clients have made that choice themselves, and said they are happier in a simpler lifestyle. They have also said “they wished they would have done it sooner.”

Wherever you choose to relocate, we coordinate all the necessary services beginning with decluttering, supervision of home renovations, coordinating of an estate sale, managing the move, and of course, the selling of your home.

We are aware that each of us has very different stories – a lifetime of personal experiences. All of the above can be viable depending on your budget and health. However, some of us are on very limited budgets, and some will depend on Medicaid to meet our needs as we age, which puts us on a very tight budget. Planning and acceptance of reality will assist us in aging well. Remember there is a “5 year look-back” (for more information on the 5 year look-back period, please refer to page 4 of our 2017 Medicaid Information document here). We are happy to serve you, whatever the case may be.

Alabama Mature Moves understood how challenging this move was and they sold my home fast. I am very happy in an apartment in Mountain Brook.