Relocation Tips

All ages at all times must do their research in hiring an experienced realtor and transitional coordinator that understands the importance of doing a thorough market analysis and the importance of knowing the different characteristics for each generation. Alabama Mature Moves takes it to a deeper level of understanding of the specific needs of each person while also taking into consideration their future plans. The Alabama Mature Moves approach is not only to sell a home, but also assist you with planning your future. Though we are not professional financial planners, we do provide you with questions to consider. We advise our clients at any age to look at their future in four different ways – short term, long term, worse case, and best case. The younger generations will hopefully have time to correct their mistakes, but this is not a guarantee. We advise all to “stop and think” logically and be aware that life can change in the blink of an eye.

Finding the right home in your late-in-life chapter can be unnerving, intimidating and at times seem impossible. The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate; the older you become, the harder it is. We know this personally because we are going through it ourselves. By planning ahead, you avoid being forced to make quick decisions. If emergency situations arise, those quick decisions are made even more difficult. By developing a plan before you need it, you have time to do your research and ensure that you select the best choice that suits your needs and desires. You have many options to choose from as shown below:

  • Selling/Buying a Home to Downsize or Resize – We have have 25+ year experience in buying and selling homes and an added 5 years experience in assisting with all the additional services typically needed by the older generations, i.e. decluttering, estate sales, home renovations, and assisting with the move. We provide a thorough consultation process to determine what you need. We will sell your home for the highest price, and we will include our move manager and transitional coordinator at no extra chargeSee available houses for sale here.
  • Renting an Apartment, Freeing You of Maintenance Worries – We will refer you to a reputable apartment locator and then help you navigate that process and evaluate your options.
  • Retirement Communities (Both Rentals and Buy-ins) – We provide tours and discuss many issues that need to be considered as you transition from home ownership to a retirement community. See local Birmingham retirement communities here. We also provide tours of retirement communities with no fees charged to you. The community pays the fee to Alabama Mature Moves. We promise to have no partiality to a particular community, focusing only on which community is the right fit for your needs.
  • Aging-in-Place (AIP) – AIP involves staying in your current home. It can include home modifications so your home is hazard free and meets for your special needs. There are both positive and negative aspects to AIP, which we will help you evaluate. See additional information on the Pros and Cons of Aging-in-Place here.

Weighing these options can be confusing and complex. We are here to help. Contact us today to set up an initial planning meeting. A free consultation is provided to determine what services you need and when you will need them – 1 month or 2 years from now. We understand this is a big decision, and for many it will be a very big change. We are far more equipped than a general real estate agent because we fully understand how this move will involve extreme physical and emotional energy. Let us carry the load.

Call Cindy Monk (205) 229-2427 to set up consultation to begin planning your best future; procrastination can mean that your future is planned by someone else.

Our Guarantee

You will be happy you contacted us and will be immediately relieved to know that there is someone that understands and can take care of your specific needs.

He was so happy to know that we handled all the moving details to Cahaba Ridge because he didn’t want to do anything but set back and watch.

Mr. Elder

Cindy Monk was the perfect agent for us. We are both retirement age and owned a house we like but we needed a home all on one floor. Cindy gave us sound advice on how to prepare our house that we sold within a few short months, and she found us a great new house. We sold and bought within same week. We recommend her with no reservations!

Bryan & Lynn McGuffey