By Jackie Tally, MA
Owner of Smart Moves Fitness and Dance

The acronym FITT describes the key components of an effective exercise program, and the initials F. I. T. T. stand for: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

F = Frequency refers to how many times you exercise in a week
I = Intensity is how hard or easy an exercise is measured by heart rate or perceived exertion
T = Time is the duration of an exercise session. For instance, it is recommended that each person walk for 30 minutes per day
T = Type. The type of exercise you do is based on the outcome you want to achieve. Types of fitness activities are Cardiovascular (Aerobic), Strength (Weight Training), Flexibility (Stretching) and Balance.

Here’s a template for you to follow:

  • For cardio, walk 30 minutes a day or whatever amount feels good for you.
  • For flexibility, stretch all muscle groups daily. Stretches should be held, not bouncy.
  • For strength, do resistance training with weights, bands, or body weight every other day.
  • For balance, a Tai Chi, Dance or Yoga class is perfect, or do balance exercises at home everyday.

The take home message is that you need all of the types/components of fitness within a week. Stay active and reap the benefits!